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Welcome prospective house purchaser.

You have been sent here via a the house sales details of a property you are interested in where we have visited the site and prepared one of our 'Property Potential Reports' where we have analysed the sites future development potential for adding extra space.
We are leading Planing & Building Design Consultants specialising in residential development for over 30 years and still in private practice. This service if part of the Christopher Hunt Practice.
If you wish to purchase our Property Potential report then simply fill in the order form below & upon receipt of your purchase we will send you the report as an electronic version only attached to an email.
The cost of the report is £149.00 inclusive.
Strict terms of sale & use of our report apply which is stated at the bottom of the order form.
We look forward to hearing from you.
To enable us to send you the correct report for the property you are considering purchasing, please let us have the information below.

When you click send, you will be taken to an electronic payment section for finalising the order. THANK YOU FOR YOUR CUSTOM.

Terms & conditions of purchasing our reports:-

1 - The Property Potential Report will be an electronic document only readable on a computer.  Copying, printing & sharing is strictly prohibited unless written consent is granted from CHP.

2 - The report is only an opinion from an experienced Planning & Building Design Agent of 30+ years experience in residential development & the views or comments within this report may contain opinions that could be wrong or inconclusive.

3 - Whilst an attempt has been made to verify certain issues, conditions & understandings it is not always possible to ‘second guess’ the opinions of the Planning Dept. & other relevant site conditions or Authorities who could take a different perspective.

4 - The report should not be wholly relied upon for a person or persons in deciding whether or not to purchase this property with the aim of further development of the site. This report should simply be part of a wider due diligence test completed by the interested parties.

5 - The acceptability of any extension scheme or other development on the site is subject to final design.

6 - The report will not include any 'in depth' planning history research that may be very relevant for Green Belt Locations.  Any Planning history on the site that is uncovered or located by CHP will be given within the report but it may not be conclusive due to older records not being available online.

7 - The purchaser of the report is at liberty to make contact with CHP after reading the report to discuss any questions or queries. 


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This service is entirely FREE to home owners selling through an estate agent.

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